Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mid-Week Mix-Up [Short Answer Group Posting]

Q.  Is it possible to be physically invincible (nothing from outside your body can harm you and you can still grow old and die) or physically immortal (nothing will ever harm you from within your body and you can live forever)?
A. I do see it as possible to prolong life in our physical 3D world, but eventually all things age on our linear timeline.  You can prolong life by enhancing health (eating pure, promoting mental balance (meditating, prayer, etc) and keeping a positive perception on life (our perception becomes the reality in which we live).  

I do see a darker side to this too.  I get that people that dabble in black magic can extend their life force, but they too aren't invincible.  I hear that in doing this the phrase "making deals with the devil" are somewhat true.  It is like you are welcoming a karmatic attachment, or taking an advance (that is the phrase I hear) on a future life.  

We as beings, living a human experience, are not invincible; however, we have so much more potential than what we think we have.  Your spirit though, is invincible, and will come back time and time again.

Q.. Are there any alien spaceships on Earth's ocean floors?

A.  Yes.  I see that there are alien crafts and entrances to underground bases on the ocean floor (specifically the Atlantic).  This domain looks to mainly be controlled by the Reptilian / Archon species.

Q. If a person finds a way to 'time travel" and tries to change an event in history, would that create a paradox of any sort or would that person simply go to a parallel universe?

A. There are several realities running in parallel timelines.  I get that every variation of every event exists somewhere.  If a person were to go back and relive or participate in making an alternate reality, they would just live in that alternate timeline (and not really know the difference).

Q. When will aliens make themselves known to all of us and come out in public?

A.  To be honest, I get this has been happening for a while now, but our media chooses not to televise it.   I do see other countries taking the leap and confirming their existence, and then the US will follow suit.  I get that there is some conflict with the church or religion, and they will need to ease the minds of their followers before the media will be allowed to disclose their existence.  

The ETs have become impatient, and will be more and more blatant.  They will continue to cloak as needed to defend themselves from attack, but will be more brazen in their appearance.  Disclosure has been meant to happen for a while now, and I see some kind of radical event happening in the next 12 - 18 months.

Q.  Hi Lynn. NASA have made an interesting announcement today about the discovery of a solar system which could most probably hold life:

I feel quite strongly that extra terrestrial life exists and wondered what your thoughts were on this recent discovery

A.I get there are pockets of life all over our Universe.  I also hear that life can take many forms, and be of all shapes and sizes.  I get Orion's belt is a key to our current life on earth.  I also get a connection to the moons of Jupiter.  It is great that NASA is investigating outward, but somehow Orion and Jupiter feel very significant.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you and happy Wednesday!  Love and light- 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Triangle UFO Patents

Q. Hello Lynn!  Some days ago a post about Triangle UFO Patents begun circulating among the alt-news community.

An inventor called John Q. St. Clair registered some amazing patents going from energy production to Triangular Ships in the early 2000s. As you can see here: and here

I've done some research and found out that this guy went under the radar since then and nobody (even his family) knows where he is now. His FB page isn't updated since 2012.

Could you please do a reading on him and his inventions? Did he really created this technology or was he channeling it? Or, maybe, it's just a hoax. 

Thanks in advance!

A.  I do get there is some truth to this.  This man, John St. Clair, looks to have been born with the gift of a brilliant mind.  He feels a little different, and I want to use the term "Asperger."  It looks like his way of thinking enabled him to see things, and understand how they work (a natural mechanical engineer).  I also see him as introvert, and he is his most creative and relaxed when he is able to be alone with his thoughts.  

I then see that when he was younger, maybe 12 or 13, he had an experience with a UFO, and hear he has been on a science NON-fiction path ever since.  He was in a wooded area (feels like a camping or boy scout thing???) and through a clearing of pine trees he saw a craft.  He watched it, and the image of the movements and the craft itself burned an image in his mind that he would never forget.  He was determined to create a craft like that at some point in his life.  

I get in the early 2000s he was able to recreate what he saw as a child.  It was such a huge accomplishment that he shared it with everyone.  He didn't think about the unintended consequences of his discovery.  Almost immediately he was approached by the government (using the military as their strong arm).  It looks like at first they wanted all his research, but he couldn't give up his life's work, so they took him AND his research.  He looks to have gone willingly to save his work

It looks like he is being held on some island to the west of California.  I hear there is a research / military base, and this area is ideal because test flights can be done over the Pacific and no one is there to witness.  In many ways he is happy, as he is doing what he loves.  He is respected, and he is treated well, he just cannot leave.  It feels like some kind of odd psychology where he is a prisoner, however, he doesn't feel like one (hard to put this into words).  

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, June 23, 2017

Otto Warmbier

I have received lots of requests on this topic, so I wanted to share some of those requests and focus on what exactly happened.  

Q. Was the Otto Warmbier story real or a psyop? I've researched his backstory for hours, and found some signs of a psyop, but I also found some signs that it was real. If it was real, it's a very sad ending.

If the Otto Warmbier story is true, my profuse apologies to his family, but this wreaks of psyop. They didn't want an autopsy, which seems crucial considering the delicate nature of our relationship with North Korea. Also, he was buried in a pine box although his family is affluent, his father owns an aerospace/defense company, and they laid out his iconic belongings AGAIN at the funeral. They also did that on a TV interview. The North Korean central newspaper website mentions him as if he was really there, but how do we know we aren't being shown a mirror image of the real North Korean website, doctored by the CIA? They certainly have the technical capability to do that. And isn't it convenient that the public just learned of the NK website back in December? Also, his father was conveniently/coincidentally written about in Forbes magazine three months before Otto made the national news. Every time I'm willing to ignore my doubts, a new article comes out that makes me suspicious.

I'm curious about this kid, Otto Warmbier, the University student from Ohio, on a school trip in N. Korea almost 2 years ago, who got arrested for tearing down a poster and sentenced to 15 years hard labor. He was released and sent back home a few days ago in a COMA with "severe brain trauma and neurological damage". It's all over the news. N. Koreans claims he'd been in a coma almost the entire 15 months he was imprisoned due to Botulism and a "sleeping pill". Something fishy here. What happened to this kid? What do you see? Did they torture him? Why? Is this entire story fake? Will he wake up? So so so so sad. Here's the story:

Another Otto Warmbier request here. He was a Universtiy of Virgina student traveling through China when he decided on a short side-trip to N Korea with an organized tour for New Year's Eve. On the way back, at the airport, he was pulled aside by N Korean security and taken away. He was later accused of taking down/stealing a propaganda poster in his hotel. The video they provided as 'proof' looks completely staged and so dark you cannot make out who it is at all. Was he set up and why? And what happened to him in NK that caused him to be returned in a vegetative state with all areas of his brain having suffered some loss? What really happened to Otto? Thank you, Lynn!

A.  When I first tune into this, and focus on Otto, I see that he and his spirit is at peace, but he doesn't like the news and how his death is being handled because of what it is doing to his loved ones.  He wants his life to celebrated, and not tied to this negative media event.  I also get that his passing is very difficult (understandably) for his mother (or a close female mother figure in his life), and he wants the happy times remembered, but they are being overshadowed by all this North Korea stuff.  

I do get that when Otto was on his trip a few years ago, he really did remove the poster.  He wasn't singled out by NK, but once he was on their radar, NK was extra harsh on him to send a message to both the US and also because of his father's connections (??).  I hear the "punishment did not fit the crime."  

While in custody I hear he got an infection.  I hear the infection evolved into "encephalitis" (I am not a doctor, so this may just be pointing me in the right direction), which untreated led to a neurological shutdown.  I hear that in general, prisoners are neglected, and by the time the seriousness of this was realized, it was too late.  His death was due to an infection in his brain, and not due to physical harm.  

I get his family knew this, and that is why an autopsy was not done.  (I also get that he was cremated, so there was nobody in the "pine box."???)  I hear his dad was furious (along with many other emotions) and used his connections to make his son's death public.  Politics and the media went wild with it.  Part of the "show" to get the people more emotionally involved was to televise the service (which is why the pine box was needed?).  I get that the facts were manipulated to create an even further distaste (and fear) of North Korea.

This young man really did pass, and much love and light should be sent to his family.   There is a lot of emotion and hurt that still needs to process, and they need all the positive thoughts they can get. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Power of our Language

Q. Has the PTW deliberately manipulated our languages (particularly the most popular languages) as a mind control component? In what ways should we change our languages? I also noticed that some negative words became more positive or at least neutral and socially acceptable, and some positive words are now turned into negative.
A. The PTW (Powers That Were) have absolutely changed our language.  I get that there was a shift sometimes after Shakespeare's time (his language and wording has an authentic vibe).  I see that many powerful people practicing in black magic met with the monarchy of England (huge PTW history rooted there).  At that time a realization was made that our words subconsciously altered our reality of what we felt was right, wrong, true and false.  I also get that this thought is similar to how subliminal messaging works.  

I see these people (or consultants) advising the current nobility of England that subtle changes, if used and accepted would essentially be a form of spell casting (and more powerful as a collective versus an individual).  The constant usage reinforced the spell on a consistent basis  The goal was to create a docile society, of people so they could be manipulated and controlled.  

I hear that one of the first changes was to change the word use of "Thee" to "You" (aka Ewe, a female sheep, aka a society of sheeple).  From there, other subtle phrases and slang were introduced, still strengthening the original intent power and control.  Telling people to have a good "weak end" followed by "Monday mourning."  Constantly promoted a weaker society.  Then, the govern (control) ment (of the mind) gained even further control as an instrument to guide and influence people to do the "right" thing or be punished.  

As we learn the new language, we practice "spelling" (casting spells) through world meanings and usage.  In business deals, we create contracts (from the word "coven").  We tell people to break a leg for luck (why?) or say we would die to obtain xyz (would you really, if not why say so).  

Our language is full of words of negativity and ill intent.  It is almost impossible to escape, BUT you can chose not to participate through your own will and intention.  People that are unaware and just repeat phrases with no further thought (I get) are viewed as casting a spell in a chant.   If on a daily basis you take a brief moment and ask your guides, higher self or the Universe for protection (you can do more than a few moments if you prefer), you will be protected.  They want to help you, so ask.  You can also request that you work in the greater good, and express that your actions are to be done and viewed with positive intent.  If you have positive intent and request protection the words of others can be seen, felt and experienced as just words.  In the event you feel you are having an emotion and are unsure why, ask yourself, does this belong to me or was it projected on you by something else.  If it is some else's, it needs to leave- tell it!.  Your higher self, guides and the Universe will protect you with some mindful action on your part. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-