Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Indigo People

Q. Hi Lynn,  Could you please do a reading on Indigo people?  I recently found out about Indigo people. There seems to be fascinating information about them on Internet, but not supported scientifically and totally buffed by Wikipedia.

Is there really any truth in this 'Indigo People Theory' or is it just a word given to people having certain traits?

(Wikipedia link:
A. I see this as a term used to group people that share many of the same traits and abilities.  They feel (most times) introverted, and very tactile (sensitive to texture and smells).  I see them as being empathic, knowing and feeling what others experience, and not always understanding why.  

I also get since they do have heightened sensitivities and realize they have differences, as they get older they have a difficult time feeling as though they belong.  They may be with a group of people and still feel alone because they view the world so differently that they have a difficult relating.  They see people as spiritual beings living a human experience and the superficial things feel so little in the vastness of our existence.

I see there is truth to the Indigo People Theory, and it is much more than just a word,  They are people that have abilities to tap into a subconscious reality (full of emotion and higher vibrational thoughts) while assimilating in a conscious world. 

Q. What is their mission on earth? 
A.  Their mission is to learn and grow through experience. They feel like people that are meant to introduce higher vibrational abilities into the conscious mind of our 3D reality.  They are helping to shift the current paradigm for when earth merges into a 4D existence.

Q. If they have a mission to fulfill then why do they seem to fall in misguided lapse or sense of loss of direction?  Thank you in advance.
A. They look to feel lost when they know they are different from other people, and don't know why.  They can even have a hard time verbalizing it since much of what they experience is emotion or feeling based.  We are trained when we are children to want to fit in and be "normal" (whatever that may mean), and when they feel abnormal, they think something is wrong.  I see many times gifts being suppressed, but nothing can stay suppressed forever.

When Indigo People embrace the difference, own it and honor their abilities, the results can be beautiful.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

Monday, July 17, 2017

Military Questions

Q. I have suggestions for a public reading or two.  The first subject is the collision of a U. S. Navy destroyer and a very large merchant ship off the coast of Japan.  This happened several weeks ago.  I was in the Navy, way back when, and I find it inconceivable that such a thing could have happened, given what I knew about such matters from my time in the service.  My intuition tells me that there is much more to this story than meets the eye.  Also, the press did not give much coverage to it, despite it being much more newsworthy than that.  Several sailors died in the incident and I think we are all owed a more extensive explanation, just for their sake, than we got.

A. As I tune into this I get there was a cover-up for a much more serious issue.  I actually see this rooted with North Korea versus a Japanese thing.  I get that North Korea is ramping up their forces, and they are fine tuning their defenses.  Not only are they enhancing their defensive tactics, but their offensive strategies are strong.  I see some kind of device that jams signals or corrupts signals was used on the USS Fitzgerald, and North Korea feels connected to it.  It is a message to the US (and other countries) that they won't be bullied, and keep ships out of their waters (and even close in proximity).  As the USS Fitzgerald had it's signal corrupted, the merchant ship auto piloted into her.  

The military knows that something happened, and the controls were tampered with, but they hesitate to say it too loudly because it admits weakness, and promotes fear.  I get some kind of strategy against North Korea is being discussed, and until there is a plan, all of this is being quieted. 

Q. The second subject is the crash of a military KC135 airplane in Mississippi a short while back.  Sixteen servicemen were killed, all Marines except for one Navy corpsman who was apparently assigned to their unit as a medic.  They were all highly trained individuals who were apparently special forces troops.  The report said that one observer on the ground described the plane as spinning into the ground.  Allowing such a large plane to get into a spin is something that pilots would never do out of carelessness or incompetence.  Other reports said there was an explosion on board.  They were said to be carrying a large amount of ammo with them.  In this case, too, my intuition says something is amiss here.

A. As I focus on this, I get a huge sense of imbalance with the plane.  It is like one side is stronger than the other (one is doing the lifting more than the other or one engine is pulling harder??).  I see them fighting against that in addition to turbulence issues.  It feels as though they though they could strong arm the controls to keep balance (they have been trained to do this during simulations).  Out of nowhere I hear "some kind flap snapped" and what normally would cause a rising motion on the wing, did the reverse and pushed downward.  That created this spiraling motion that was not recoverable.  This horrible event looks like it was caused due to the combination of the plane malfunctioning and turbulence.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Please send love and light to the families.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Paul Dienach

Q. In 1921 Paul Dienach was afflicted with narcolepsy and during this period he said he visited Earth in the year 3906. His experiences were recorded in a book called Chronicles of the Future / Valley of the Roses. He predicted WW2, said several wars would occur and one of them would eliminate 90 percent of the world's population (we have heard that several times). He also said a man named Alexis Volky (a Russian?) would lead a religious revival and teach us how to commune with God. Are his remarks valid or are they just a coincidence from a man with a vivid imagination?

A. As I tune into this man, and watch him as he slides into a coma, I see him slowly reach a theta brainwave state.  After about two days he merges into a Delta state, where he is in a deep, sleepy, meditative state.

The prolonged Delta stage (most people, unless due to a condition, go through sleep cycles and don't stay in only one cycle for hours or days at a time) created a unique situation where he was able to astral project and experience a different time line.  It was like he was in a deep meditation, undisturbed, for days at a time.  I cannot see that he actually inhabited another body, but he did get a glimpse of the future and got access to future information (within the boundaries of what was in his greater good to know).  He, in his spiritual, astral form, communicated with physical, 3D beings telepathically (I get he didn't realize he was in spirit, and had he looked in a mirror, he would not see a reflection).  Somehow in this future, telepathic, spiritual communication feels...normal...??

I then hear that when Paul came back to his physical body, and regained a conscious state, he was able to recall the memories of this very real experience, but his mind filled in the blanks of what didn't make sense to him within his paradigm.  For example, for this event to make sense, or to understand how he "just knew things," he may have thought he was in a physical body even though he wasn't.  Our minds and bodies are brilliant, and will do what it can to protect us from ourselves (and maintain mental health and balance).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Missing 411 Material

Q. Are you aware of the Missing 411 material? It’s pretty interesting and should be pretty fun for you to explore. Essentially, this guy examines missing person’s cases that occur in national parks worldwide. There are patterns to the cases that extends back hundreds of years. It seems to be implied that whatever is doing it is supernatural or ET. He just presents facts and holds back on speculating on the cause.

He says that most of these cases occur near large granite formations. I don’t understand why…but it does seem that some ET craft can use granite mountains as portals. I also suspect that there are a lot of caves in these areas, which could be openings for all sorts of underground creatures that we’re not aware of. 

My guess is that there is a mix of causes. There a differing categories of cases. For instance, sometimes a small child goes missing and then is recovered unharmed at a distance too far for the child to travel on its own. Sometimes an adult goes missing and is never found. Footprints and scent just stop with no other prints around them….at times where there’s many people nearby. Sometimes they are found after a few days in the same area that was searched but dead. Sometimes they are heard crying for help nearby but nobody ever finds them. There are instances in which a person is on the phone and heard screaming and then no trace is found. There are many many cases for each pattern in multiple parts of the world. Very strange indeed...much to speculate on.

A. I have heard of this website through another reading submission I received many months ago (see below).  I also get that most times these are related to ET abductions.  ETs are drawn to specific areas due to accessibility, and in these situations abductees are (most times) truly at the "wrong place at the wrong time" (the phrase i hear). 

Granite (especially granite with pink hues ??) is a significant piece to this puzzle.  I get that the magnetic attraction that holds this specific composition of granite particles together is unique, and the bond is easily broken through more advanced technology to allow gravity to fall through the particles rather than get hung up on the outer surface.  Essentially, gravity doesn't have the same effect.  This magnetic shift starts a motion that allows a further chain reaction to occur which in turn opens a portal into another dimension.  

There may be caves, and underground bases, but I most connect with abductees being taken out via teleportation.  Humans are a mystery to ETs, and they want to study every aspect of us.  These ETs (look tall and light colored, very lean, and long, thin fingers) feel very detached from humans, and see us like objects.  

I see that many times when these people are taken, they are experiencing a parallel world, a world controlled by these ET.  They can occasionally hear things as they are happening in our 3D world, just as we can get glimpses of their world (I see it like trying to find the right frequency on a radio, but one channel being too low, and the next being too high, so it comes in slightly garbled, if anything at all). 

Governments are aware, but feel somewhat powerless.  To admit this to the public would assume a level of disclosure.  I see them turning their head, even though they know this occurs.  I get when disclosure comes full circle, something can truly be done (I get there are certain signals or pulses that can be given off to prevent the opening of some portals ??).

And that is all I have for this reading.  I will say there feels to be some underlying complexity (maybe a technical aspect I don't understand), so I am happy to address questions in comments.

Love and light- Lynn

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