Monday, January 22, 2018

Ego, Celebrities and Trump

Q.  How is a healthy ego? We often see people in business, celebrities, etc. around us with huge egos and also people who do not love themselves.

The ego, which in astrology is related to the Sun and the fifth house, is necessary but, how can we balance our ego to have healthy relationships with ourselves, with others and with society?
A. I get that a healthy ego is one that is in balance.  When the scale is weighted in one direction your ego can become too large and you lose the ability to be truly humble and empathetic.  An ego that is too low creates self doubt, depression and negative feelings around self worth.  

The real question is "How to put your ego in check or balance?"  Work at being of service to others while also put effort into being service to self (without guilt).  Giving to others and helping people balances out time given to take care of yourself.  This practice or thought nurtures your subconscious and aids in balancing the ego.

Q. An interesting question came up in my mind as I came across things that happened to various celebrities and sportspeople that have went public against President Trump. Examples of events include a celebrity's home being destroyed in a hurricane, their acting career being derailed by sex scandals, an athlete getting injured or suffering a poor performance, etc. All of these things happen in some form a while after their negative comments against him emerge in the media and Trump supporters have labeled these happenings part of the Trump Curse. Is there truth to the Trump Curse being legit or is a lot of that merely a coincidence?
A.  When I tune into this I see that the negative events these celebrities experienced had nothing to do with Trump himself (or his administration).  It is more about putting / spreading negativity which brings it back into their life (the Law of Attraction at work).  It's ok to have an opinion (everyone does), but it is what you do with it, and how you express it that matters.  If you don't like something or someone, inspire a positive change, like focusing on finding a good running candidate for your party, volunteer, create opportunity (that is a positive focus for the greater good) which brings positivity and light into your life. 

As I scanned the attached article (link above) to tune into this question, I see that a sampling of Trump supporters also made unfair judgment saying these celebrities deserved what they got (I get the journalist crafted their words to allude the few people interviewed were representative of a large amount of Trump supporters, which is not true, and an anti-Trump journalism tactic).  This isn't a matter of "getting what you deserve" but rather drawing the negativity back to their life.  The Trump supporters that did agree with the statements most likely drew some form of negativity back to themselves as well.

I'm left with hearing "Some that oppose Trump want to blame him for all the wrong doings and events they see.  This comes from a place of emotion and not logic."  We are dealing with The Universe striving for balance and the Law of Attraction which are both powerful forces to be reckoned with.  Much more powerful than Trump. 

Q. Hi Lynn, some people believe that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler. Do you see truth in this, or a connection between the two? Thank you.
A.  When I focus on this I don't see Trump as Hitler reincarnated, but I get an image of them standing side by side and hear "they are parallel?".  They I see the image as if I am to compare the two.  Both have GOOD and BAD qualities, and many of them are similar.  I also get that the lines of GOOD and BAD are many times blurred. ???  I am watching a listing emerge like some kind of written contract:.  
  • Ego.  Both had large ones.  That translated into self-confidence and helping them to be successful at achieving their goal.  It did; however, look to prevent them from being humble.  It's like they know the hard working people around them, but have a hard time truly relating.
  • Vision.  They see what they want, and have the drive to get there. 
  • Intelligence.  Both look to have a high IQs 
  • Political Correctness:  Neither one has or values it.  They will say what they think and not think twice.  You know where you stand and what they think.  
  • Poor "Poker Face":   Again, they don't hide what they think.   Very direct.
  • High Expectations:  Don't accept less than the best
  • Value Logic over Emotion
  • Both Oppose/Opposed the PTW (Powers That Were) and will be vilified for it.
I can't seem to see anything else.  The print is too small and blurry, as if it is the "terms and conditions" portion of the document.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Live Chat with Lynn - UPDATE - First Session Feb 3rd at 12:00 PM EST

Hi everyone. I get asked a lot of questions and I thought it would be fun to connect with you via a small, private group chat to answer them and have discussions. I wanted to start offering this service, and depending on interest / demand will consider opening up more time slots to better service other time zones and schedules. Let me know what you think and if you have questions, please let me know! 

To read more about it, please click the "Live Chat" tab above, and to reserve your spot please go to my online scheduler.  

I look forward to "chatting" with you!  Love and light- Lynn

UPDATE:  The votes are in.. I hope to put get a group together for the first Saturday in February, February 3rd at 12 PM (Noon) EST.  Sessions will last up to an hour (so be prepared with questions). For directions on how to sign up, please see the link above.  If you have any questions, please let me know in comments or feel free to email me.  I look forward to "chatting" with you.  

Friday, January 19, 2018

Earth, Mapping and Universe Questions

Dear Lynn, thanks for explaining tricky questions so simply and clearly.  You are bringing light into this world!

Here are some more baffling questions:

Q. The world map is very intriguing. When we look at the map upside down, the landmasses look like they could have been together in one giant mass at the north pole and are now spreading out downwards, like when you put a thick frosting on top of a ball and it spreads and drips down. Was Pangea at the middle of the North Pole without the Arctic winters or was it a mass just anywhere in the middle of the Globe? 
A.  When I look at this, I get that all the continents clustered around the Asia area.  I don't see it to the northern or southern area, but rather the central area, and spreading from there.  I also see that the earth was smaller during that time, and as it grew, it aided in the breaking apart of the continents.  I am also reminded that energy isn't created or destroyed, so when the earth absorbs the sun's energy, the earth has to expel it trough volcanic eruptions or store it, which causes the expansion at the belly of the equator (changing the face of earth to be more oblong versus circular).

Q. We all know about plate tectonics and even the direction each plate is moving. Do the land masses actually move or do they stay kind of stationary but the altitude changes as their surface rises and falls? 
A. I wan't completely sure I understood the question.. But as I see it, the plates do move, some more than others.  The Asia area feels like more of an anchor, but even it moves slightly.  The butting of two plates can create a rise in altitude (like baby mountains being born which continue to grow as the plates press into each other).  As plates pull apart, there can also be a little "sinking" on the edge or newly formed coastlines, but it doesn't look to be significant in Earth's history.    

Q. Looking at a "two color" world map (blue being water and brown being land) it feels like the water encroaches and submerges any low areas it can find. That’s no brainer, but when you look closely at the map, some areas appear to speak volumes. For example, areas between Greenland and USA,  much of Europe and England and the entire area between southern Indian tip to western Australia etc looks like it was once a huge solid land mass and slowly submerged leaving only the upper elevations as the land that we can see now (essentially creating islands).  
A.  I see a few things going on with regard to island formation. In some areas the islands were created because smaller land masses broke from a parent mass.  For example, I see that is how many of the islands in the Greenland area came to be.  If you can image (this is how I see it playing out in slow motion) a large plate being broken in half.  One big mass stayed as Canada, another larger mass became Greenland, and all the shards turned into the smaller islands in between.

There can also be situations in which the water rises in some areas while receding in others.  This looks due to some north pole shifting and fluctuations in the the earth wobble which alters the seas (and tides).  As this happens new lands can be created (such as Shelly Island below) or submerged like Atlantis.

Shelly Island 
Q. Could it be true? Were these island chains once  dry land? If yes, that would change the shape of Pangea as given by Geologists. Can you see Pangea on the globe? (Additionally, geology hardly says anything about submerged lands on the said locations with the exception of Zealandia and few submerged coastal cities here and there. They have even failed to explain why they couldn’t foresee the emergence of many new islands in the oceans that have literally popped up overnight (eg. Shelly Island) and the 60 km long, 8 meters wide East African rift that opened up in just 10 days that was presumed to take place over millions of years. They are in fact baffled to see a very long process happening this fast.)
A.  In many situations, just as how I described the islands off Greenland, there was one mass that broke into smaller ones versus a large mass that was buried.  That type of development doesn't affect Pangea.  

What does affect Pangea are the two MAIN masses of Atlantis and Lemuria that were not included.   Pangea, even though it looks to be an accurate hypothesis, is not exactly correct.  It's basically geologists best effort based on what they do know.  

Q.  This means big unpredictable changes in short time are possible..What other major land changes do you see occurring in the world in near and far future?
A.  The biggest thing I see is the Mississippi River becoming more and more shallow.  The southwestern portion of the United States also looks to become dryer (and struggle with droughts).  

Mariana Trench
Many of the southern South American coastal waters also recede, and land masses may emerge as a result of that (water level lowers).  Additionally, many coastlines in and round Europe look to rise.  (There may be more, but those are the dominant things that come forward.)

Q. Was Mariana Trench ever a dry land mountain chain on Earth?
A.  I cannot see that the Mariana Trench was ever on dry land.  It looks to always be filled with water.

Q. Will the Himalayas become even higher?
A.  Yes, there feels to be a lot of potential energy building up in that area that releases in the form of plates pressing together and turning upward (like putting your hands flat, finger tip to finger tip, and pressing the tips together until they have no where to go but upward into a praying position).  It looks to be a gradual and steady growth.

Q. Can/Will Yellowstone National Park volcano blow entire US away like the Atlantis?

A.  Eventuallllly it will happen, but it looks to be much further into our timeline.  I get on earth there is still work to be done (the creation of a 4D earth and ascension) before it will be allowed to happen. There are some intervening forces guiding and protecting that area.

Q. Was the big bang caused by a black hole suddenly expanding and releasing all of it's matter? 
A.  I see it more like a black hole vacuum taking everything in.  So much was consumed that it created an implosion, which then created so much energy that it (the black hole) EXploded releasing all the matter and energy previously consumed.  From there, that explosion aided in the process to create / form most everything..

Q. I know you say everything is connected to the Source. Is that true for our universe? Does our universe have a soul and when it dies, does it reincarnate into a new universe?
A. Everything either directly or indirectly connects back to Source.  Source wasn't created from this, Source is The Source from which everything else came to be.

Our Universe is full of energy, has intelligence, and to some extend has a soul.  It feels like a machine full of harmoniously working parts, and when something is off, it seeks a balance.  The goal and life path of the Universe is balance.  I cannot see where our Universe "dies" so it is difficult to see how or if it reincarnates.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Living in the Matrix?

Q. Dear Lynn, Thanks for all your eye, mind and soul opening readings! I came across an interesting article on BBC that quotes many famous scientists expressing doubts about the reality of us and our world. They say there are evidences and clues that we are living in simulation created by someone (in another cosmos or another Earth) for fun or experiment. Whatever we do, see and experience is pre-programmed like lab rats or computer games. In short, our whole world, that includes the whole cosmos, galaxies, our Earth in it, every moment of our lives and of that of every person who has lived here or will live here) is just a computer game designed by someone in much the same way as we ourselves play simulation games on computer.

The link to the article is here:

What are the clues or evidences that these mighty scientists are talking about? Can we also know those clues or glitches?
A. When I tune into this I get the phrase "history is bound to repeat itself" because it does.  In fact, the past, present and future all work in tandem, and when we incarnate we pick which track of the DVD of life to jump on. Things repeat in cycles, and it is just a different version of the same chapter within a story.  By studying the past, may valid predictions can be made with regards to the future (when focused on one timeline). The cycles discovered through a study of astrology even further support how our lives (and events around us) run in loops, and this was also the start of how our ancient ancestors began to see how our lives and reality really works.  

Even when we break the cycle within our timeline, which alters our life path, we eventually reunite back to our path (we call this fate).  Our experiences change, but we are faced with the same lessons to conquer (and if we don't we incarnate back in to do it again through another series of cycles).  

Glitches occur all the time.  The Mandela Effect is a perfect example. (I have done a few readings on this topic, and included a link to one of them below)

Q. How to find out the truth? How to come out of it? Do we humans even have a choice to exist outside this simulation? 
A.  Until we cross into spirit (and become "all knowing"), the best way to discover the truth is to get in tune with your higher self.  Seeking answers, true answers, requires connecting with higher vibrational sources.  You can do this through meditating, or even quiet time alone with your thoughts.  

You can disengage to some degree, but I see our reality being a result of our perceptions, which is how our "world" is created.  The individual thoughts further come together to create a collective consciousness, which drives the direction of our environment.  Even though we can't completely "quit," we can come together to shift our world into a place where you "want" to be.

Q. It is eerily similar to ancient sayings in all cultures and religions of the world that the world is just an illusion and not real. Even Plato said so and the Indian Mythology has even a name for it: Maya. This brings up another question: How did ancient people know about something that has taken science thousands and thousands of years of study, experiments and costly machines? 
Definition of Maya
A.  As I mentioned above, our ancient ancestors were brilliant at reading the stars.  They understood our current astrology, and also the ancient forms that have been lost (and some have been "intentionally" lost as they reveal too much accuracy and truth).  They could see how most things weren't random, and could be predicted in cycles.  It became clear that things were not always random and unique, but rather pre-planned, causing them to question the "illusion" of the world.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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