Friday, October 20, 2017

PRIORITY BLOG REQUEST: Chelsea Manning, Natascha Kampusch, Miles Mathis

Q1. During the incarceration of Bradley/Chelsea Manning there occurred a strange incident. One day while he was sitting in his cell a staged a rescue operation took place in his prison using professional actors and Hollywood special effects, such as people shooting, explosions and wounded guards. The story was that an anarchist hacker group had broken into the high security prison to try and rescue Manning. However, he did not fall for the scenario and refused to leave his cell and escape with his rescuers. Suddenly, within moments everything was back to normal and all his old guards back in position as if nothing ever happened.

What was the goal and purpose of this experiment and who was responsible for it?

A. I get that some of the higher up elites of the military were enticing her to escape in order to create a situation where she could be taken out.  Leaking documents implicating officers (and I hear the word "General" too) and activities wasn't taken lightly, and they were trying to sacrifice her to create an example.  I then see the bigger agenda being to incite a riot on the basis of those against the LGBTQ and those that are for (again, using her as a sacrifice for her behavior, but yet creating more chaos and divide).  Then I hear the phrase "two birds... one stone"  Her intuition kicked in and she knew something was really wrong in this set up.

Are these kind of psychological experiments common with political prisoners and was Assange exposed to a similar treatment while under CIA arrest this year?

A. I get this is common.  The goal is to discredit the person by creating confusion in logic, thoughts and even memories.  

Assange was exposed to this, but I don't see it being as effective on him.  He was able to (and I see him tapping on various parts of his body and side of face) ward off much of the psychological attacks.

Q2.  There was a famous criminal case in Austria in 1998 when a little girl named Natascha Kampusch escaped from her kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil after having been been held as a hostage/sex slave for 8 years (since she was 10 years old) in a secretly built room under his house. The kidnapper supposedly killed himself on the day she fled and thus could never be interrogated.

The following investigation lasted over 7 years but to this day is full of contradictions, delays, cover-ups, lost evidence, and even involved the "suicide" of the lead police officer investigating the case (just weeks before he was about to solve it and pin down the mastermind behind it).

The official storyline insists on Priklopil acting single-handedly and denies that there was ever an organised child trafficking network involved. What is more strange, the victim herself wrote in her autobiography that "people will never know the whole truth" and has been withholding information from the police to this day, thereby protecting the real perpetrator(s). For example, there is an eye witness that insists seeing Kampusch kidnapped by 2 men. However, Kampusch denies any such allegations and claims that there was never more than one kidnapper involved.

Why is she lying and what leverage is being used against her to keep her from telling the truth about what happened in those 8 years?

A.  I get that her kidnapping was part of a much bigger pedophilia ring involving political figures and other powerful, wealthy (even royal??) people.  I get that she was kidnapped by two men "professionals" that were NOT Priklopil, and he paid dearly for her.  There looks to be some kind of "service" on the black market where people can "order" what they want.  

These "powerful" people (usually wearing black masks) put fear into her that she must never disclose any information because [I hear] "they will find her family like whispers in the night" and she believed this to be true with all her heart.  She feels to be haunted by those words.

As the police were working on this case, leaks in the police force advised one of the "Masters" in the pedophilia ring that "Priklopil had been sloppy" (??).  I cannot connect to a suicide, but rather see he was murdered (so he didn't have the option to talk or take a plea deal).   I get that is why evidence has been missing, misplaced, and makes no sense..

What would the lead investigative police officer have revealed if he hadn't been suicided? Considering the magnitude of the cover-up he must have stepped on the toes of some very powerful network.
A.  I see that there are checks and balances in this pedo ring.  People use coded language, aliases and title people in terms of Masters and Stewards of the Masters in their discussions (written and verbal).  They would have only uncovered the outer tier because that is all Priklopil knew.  He did; however, know the process he used to get what he wanted, and that is what the "Master" didn't want leaked.  

Q3. Miles W. Mathis is a painter, scientist, philosopher and blogger with very controversial views and highly fascinating articles in which he deconstructs media manipulation, the faults of mainstream science and the fakery of historical events.

While his analysis's are deep, detailed and persuasive he subtly steers people away from investigating certain deeper and more occult topics. For example, he claims consistently that Pizzagate is Fake News.

Is he actually just a fabricated persona and all his articles carefully crafted pieces of disinformation by a team of very skilled intelligence agents? 
A.  I get that he does analyze differeQnt subjects, but he looks at them with a certain "bias filter."  With things that strike him as "off" he is able to submerge himself and find truth.  Things that are difficult to conceptualize or are very dark (such as Pizzagate) he tends to label as "Fake News" so he doesn't have to go down the twisted road or answer questions.  Poking holes in the Vegas shooting is very different that attacking the Occult (he is scared of them and their illusion of black magic). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-  

Follow Ups: 
Q.  After her escape Natascha was interviewed in several TV shows during which she pretended she couldn't cope with the bright studio lights. However, at the time she hadn't lived in the dungeon of her kidnapper for many years but was working in his garden and even going on excursions with him. Why would she fake being light-sensitive or did someone coach her to do that to add credibility to her story?
A.  I get some of her torture to be submissive dealt with light while she was trapped.  For example, they may leave her in bright lights for extended periods of time followed by extreme darkness.

I get the daughter was put "into the system."

Q.  Did she really give birth to a daughter while being imprisoned and if so, what happened to her?

A. Yes, I get the daughter was put "into the system."

Q.  In 2012 another investigative international team including the FBI tried to solve the many contradictions of the case but in the end they only confirmed the official story. This implies that the trafficking ring must have involved very powerful people and extend out on a global scale if they were able to add such a professional cover-up from the highest authorities..
 What part did the person behind the pseudonym "Be Kind Slow" play in the abduction and network?
A.  Honestly, I cannot connect to that pseudonym.  I hear phrases like "Master" "Junior" and "Steward."  Nicknames feel like very short names such as silver, hammer and claw (those are the ones I heard).  I get it is made that way to confuse and obfuscate traffic on the web (and even dark web)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

ElsaGate Awareness

Q. Can you please do a reading on the ElsaGate phenomenon? There is a huge amount of sick disturbing content on YouTube clearly targeted towards children (bright colors, cartoons). 

Many of these have the same themes and strangely look very similar. In trying to flag these videos I found that there are just too many of them. 

Please excuse the graphic images and language on the following videos, but this is important to see what is out there and what children are being exposed to:

Who is making these videos and what is the agenda?

A.    When I focus on this, I see a huge agenda that has been going on for a while now.  It looks to first start with Disney (and their movies), and then it merged to their television programming (and the word "programming" is key).  

As the Disney channel introduced new characters (such as Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus) and other shows tailored towards kids, the programming started to focus on parents that didn't know anything, mocking fathers and over sexualizing children.  The agenda of Disney (which gets support from the PTW Powers That Were) is to destabilize our country by destroying the family unit, and creating a dependence on the system.  This makes people vulnerable, and opens up many other making outlets (drugs, sex, pedophilia, etc).   

With the emergence of children having phones, tablets and other electronics, Disney (and their supporters) went the direction of YouTube as a new marketing tool for their agenda.  At a quick glance parents may think their child is watching something silly with Spiderman or other favorites, when in reality these are part of the disguise for a much darker subliminal and conscious message. Kids are being exposed to adult issues, leaving them desensitized to the seriousness of the message and also curious about things they are not emotionally ready to handle.  These videos create a situation where sex, drugs, drinking and inappropriate behavior is slowly being accepted, funny and even imitated.  The moral compass is being altered and it does not benefit our youth or our future.

Please be cautious of what your kids are watching.  So many things may seem innocent, but this type of agenda is being pushed on kids at an alarming rate. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

(One final thought that came to me as I was closing this up is that YouTube claims to be on this, but they are owned in indirect ways by people that are pushing this.  Youtube is more concerned with scrubbing videos promoting free thought and expanding the mind...This is not the priority that it should be.)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Wild Fires..

Q.  I just came across a post on social media that has many pictures of neighborhoods and houses after the recent California fires and there are some strange anomalies as far as I can see. It looks like whole blocks are turned to ash and yet there are some green trees interspersed between the decimated houses. Very strange. Usually there is some semblance of the structures left, but there is row after row of flat land covered in white dust. Strangely reminiscent of the debris from when the towers disintegrated. What's going on here?

I will second Craig's request. I would love for you to look into the California fires. Seeing pictures of streams of melted aluminum from car wheels. . .but running down asphalt that isn't melted in the least. And disappeared houses--now just white ash--with not even a ceramic bathtub or granite countertop or even a chimney remaining. . .yet the plastic garbage cans out front are untouched. Yes, very reminiscent of the twin towers where microwave weapons (according to Dr. Judy Wood and others) may have been used. Who is really behind what is happening? And what is the agenda? Karl Mollison, in a recent channeling (interviewed by Denny Hunt), said it's from off planet. What do you get, Lynn?

Q.  [I have had a lot of requests / emails on this, so I did want to address it, but it feels best to keep it somewhat brief). 

When I tune into this, I get this was a form of arson.  It looks like prior to the onset of fires special "chemtrails" were released that contained unstable / semi-flammable chemicals that peppered over the area.  On the ground there was a small team of ex-military, privately hired people used to detonate special (I think it is said "thermite bombs"?).  The bombs were detonated in very specific areas, and certain times, resulting in these fire storms.  

I ask, Why California?  Why is this a target?  
I get there has been a lot of talk of California becoming independent which is being supported by both strong people and rogue members of Hollywood.  This situation is compounded by the divide emerging between those that want to break away from Hollywood and the agenda (that is stronger now more than ever), and those that are controlling and following the agenda.   The PTW (Powers That Were) need California to stay a part of the US to keep their desired control and influence over US politics (and federal reserve policies).  This feels like a punishment and message telling those that are trying to defy the PTW (Powers That Were) that they will obey, and if they don't they need to recognize the power, influence and force they hold.  

Please take a moment to send some healing love and light to the people of California!

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Here are a few articles I found after the reading.. I do encourage everyone to do their own research to see what resonates with you.  I am anxious to read the discussion in remarks. :-)

Monday, October 16, 2017

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Q. Lynn, can you do a reading on Meghan Markle, the attractive and talented actress whom Prince Harry of England has been dating for the last year? She is a different choice for him because she is not British (which has certainly devastated the hearts of millions of young British women who had dreams of marrying a prince) and she is also a mixed-race woman from normal, American middle-class origins. She was also a UN Women Ambassador in 2015 apparently before she met Prince Harry.

Interestingly though, it has been revealed by her extended family that, through her father's lineage, Meghan is descended from a woman, Mary Bird, who was a maid in the British Palace in the late 1800s. Is it possible that Meghan Markle is the descendant of this maid and a Royal, who's latent royal bloodline is now being called in, you might say, to appease the non-wealthy public and especially the African-American community, tricking us all into thinking a woman from amongst us has made it into the Royal Family?

A.  When I tune into this I get that depending on what is politically and economically happening, members of the royal family are given choices as to who is a suitable partner.  They may have a few choices and sometimes they only have "one" choice.  I see that with the direction of the world, and trying to be more inclusive, the royal family is looking outside their normal constraints, and chose Meghan as a potential partner.  

The royal family is losing favorability, and also under some scrutiny, so they are trying to "boost their ratings."  The more people look at the activities at Buckingham Palace, the more they want to deflect and show how they welcome other people.

Throughout time there have been members of the monarchy that have had undisclosed affairs, and even children.  In the past when unplanned pregnancies occurred, the mother was taken care of during and after the pregnancy in exchange for complete confidentiality.  I hear "the mother and child will want for nothing."

It does look as though during Mary Bird's term she did get pregnant, creating a child that was a hybrid of royal and non-royal blood.  In some way the "royal" portion feels dormant until called upon.  With each generation, even though the bloodline became slightly more diluted, it was there.  Meghan too has this royal line in her DNA; however, it is in a "dormant" feeling status.  Should Harry chose her (and he has pressure to do so), the steps will be taken to awaken this part of her DNA (family gatherings, ceremonies, subliminally, etc).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Random Read for the Weekend

Q. Hi Lynn, I wanted to know if you could focus on this case as it is one of the most amazing stories I've come across in a while. In 1994 at the Ariel school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, Africa, more than 60 school children witnessed a UFO land in their playground field. They say they witnessed several ET's exit the craft and communicate with them telepathically. Here's the video link for a documentary trailer.

I would like to know who were the ET's that day and why did they decide to reveal themselves? Have they ever come back?

A.  When I tune into this, I get the ship was around in a cloaked state for several days before it showed itself.  I get you could see it like a mirage in the desert if you looked at it just right, but the majority of the time it stayed hidden.  I hear that the ship was on a "rescue mission." 

This area of the world looks to have a lot of struggle (politically, economically, etc???).  I also see that there is a large amount of youth as part of the demographic (??).  The combination of the youth (newer souls) and struggle (negativity) created some kind of beacon that attracted the ETs their direction (need help, vulnerable..).  

As the UFO and ETs emerged they planned to take some of the children, however, the children resisted.  The children were curious, skeptical and didn't want to go.  Then, I hear the ETs "set the snooze alarm" and will be back to check in on how these kids are doing.  This truly felt like some kind of rescue mission.

I ask, Who are these ETs? and I get they are a relative of the Greys (a branch of them).  They feel gentler and kinder (still lack a lot of emotion, but recognize humans have it).  I also see they are trying to make a hybrid community that is part human DNA and part ET, but want it created out of desire and not out of forcefulness.  

Q. Hi Lynn,  
Do demons exist? If so, what are they?  Thanks.

A.  Very strong low vibrational beings do exist.  They are connected to the reptilian DNA line.  They have chosen not to ascend, but rather incarnate over and over in this low vibe zone to essentially master all of the lower level functions.  I then hear that they reside on the dark side of the yin yang (?).

A phrase comes to me as I tap into this, and that is "Even in the darkest of dark it can't stay dark in the presence of light.  Be the light and nothing dark can't touch you."

Q.  Euphoria from CONTROL... But why?!  
When you and other intuitives say the reason that the PTW disrupt everyone's lives with disasters, false flags, and all the negativity is to keep us fighting, divided and controlled , WHY would they not want to just live happy peaceful lives in a much more heavenly type earth without all this power? Meaning why would a person want so much control or to control the whole world?  Why does power and even killing feel euphoric to them? Is it in their DNA, if so WHO put it in the DNA and why would THAT entity feel pleasure from power and negativity? If it's because of contracts why would source/love create those contracts? Isn't the original state of everything "love"? Is it source that wants to experience all of this negativity or is it each individual soul ?

Every person I talk to says I just want to be happy, I would rather be happy then have power, and hurting others definitely wouldn't make them happy. What is wrong with those individuals in the PTW? They seem backwards.

A.  The PTW (Powers That Were) feel and live in the illusion of happiness through their power and control.  Being a bully, manipulating people into what they want, feeling control and having influence releases a dopamine response creating a euphoric feeling.  This "feeling" creates a false sense of happiness.  To them that "false happiness" is all they need and disregard the true, fulfilling, spiritual and genuine feeling of bliss.

Q.  Hello Lynn.  
Could you do a reading on what is happening in Catalonia? I would like to know what are the roots of the conflict between Catalonia and Spain, and what do we have to do heal this conflict.  Thank you.
A.  The path to Catalonia breaking from Spain does look to be successful, but Spain is going to put up a fight using any legal means possible to try to block it.  It looks like Catalonia would be a successful, and economically prosperous country once they gain their independence.  Spain feels as though it drags Catalonia down (I see it like an image of an anchor on a ship). There feels like an unequal balance here (I see an image of scales tipping). 

Spain ultimately wants Catalonia to give up the fight, and I see this coming back like a cyclical pattern until it gets resolved.  It appears that the people will need to fight through the challenges (and i know it is easier said than done as some of the peaceful protests have ended not so peaceful).  Working as a collective and putting intent to have this resolved smoothly is the best mental place to reside.  I also hear that a lot can change in a little time, so what feels to last forever can really be just a blip in time.   

Q. Recently, there have been reports of Canadian and American diplomats in Cuba being assaulted with microwaves or sound waves. Many have become ill. The Cubans deny they are responsible. Who is responsible and what is happening to them? Why are they being assaulted?  
Thanks for your blog Lynn.
A.  The Cubans do feel like they are behind these attacks (being instigated and funded by Russia).  It has to do with some feelings of implied treatment (or lack thereof).  This looks to be a vibrational attack (dealing with a certain hertz) that is funneled and directed toward the victim.  It attacks the neurological system, causing irritation that results in inflammation and then manifests into other symptoms.  It looks like it is completely reversible, but the person needs removed from the situation.

Q. Hi and thanks for this reading: With what happened in Las Vegas, which is very sad, the following link in will give you an idea of what is also going on Puerto Rico... 
I mean this also is US territory but apparently nobody cares about whats really going on there! Worth a reading Lynn?
A. When I tune into this, the first thing I get is the phrase "they want them to pledge allegiance."  As I take a moment to determine what that means, it appears that some investors (has a PTW vibe or association) are pushing for Puerto Rico to make some kind of deal (even more than they already have) with the US (or other investors) in exchange for aid and rebuilding.  It also feels like the weather manipulation was intentional to put Puerto Rico (which is a beautiful country was vast tourism) in a vulnerable position.  I see the territory being eventually absorbed as a new state (hence pledging allegiance to the flag) with numerous investment opportunities, or being purchased and absorbed by another well established country.  

The US looks to realize this is on the horizon, and is wanting to halt it's efforts of assistance until the "agreement" is established and the true ownership of the country is validated (because the new owner or absorbing country will be the ones responsible for the structural and economic rebuilding).  The US doesn't want to do the rebuild only to have Puerto Rico side with someone else. Puerto Rico feels to be in a very sad and hopeless situation, and could use all the healing and positive energy you can send.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Karen Hudes

Q. You have done a reading before on Karen Hudes, the whistleblower from the world bank. Your view was favorable toward her then about the work she is doing to try to correct the debt situation we are in because of the dealings of the global banking cabal. 

In the past couple of years she has been challenged repeatedly by "Judge" Anna Von Reitz from Alaska, who sees her actions as ultimately shielding the bankers and perpetuating a global control of finances under the guise of a new currency based on gold deposited in various places in the world. Von Reitz is saying that the USA was turned into a corporation that became controlled by the globalists, and therefore we just need to return to our sovereignty and be free of debt.

Hudes is trying to work within the system to release the gold back to the people, it seems, but she has been working there a long time. She was fired in 2007 after whistleblowing, but was reinstated in 2009. Since then it seems she has gathered quite a coalition that stand with her.

Who is right? Or do both have a piece of the puzzle, but are coming at it from different ways. It is sad to see two people that seem to promote freedom be at odds with each other.

A.  As I tune into her and the situation I get as she became more knowledgeable of the innerworkings of the world bank she knew she needed to make a change.  She could see the direction of the world, and how things were being manipulated.  As she began her career she was naive, but the more she learned the more needed to expose what was going on and call people out.  She slowly acquired information, and when the time was right she "blew the whistle."

Still being naive, she didn't realize the repercussions of her actions.  The PTW (Powers That Were) are highly integrated in the banking system, and they weren't about to let someone expose them, get an investigation going or ruin their agenda.   In 2007 she did lose her job, but that was just the start and the threats for her actions didn't stop there.  

She really made waves and got people talking.  The "more truthful" story made it to alternative media sites, and the PTW approved messages made it to the mainstream media outlets.  They (the PTW) wanted her to pay for the betrayal and also ensure that no one else would follow suit. 

It looks like the threats went on for a few years (I hear the phrase, "you created this now you are going to help fix it."  It appears that Karen (out of fear, manipulation, and powerful influence) agreed to align with the PTW in such a way that she is still outspoken and appears to be fighting for the people, but quietly aligning with the PTW (to get them off her back).  

I hear the way the PTW view people is you are either "useful" in helping them, or "useless."  She wanted to stay on the "useful" spectrum.  I also get that she has a middle man that works between herself and the PTW (sort of like a liaison).  When she "agreed" to work with this liaison she was given her job back in 2009.  

From that point forward she has been working for "both teams."  When I originally tuned into her, the desire to work in the greater good felt strong.  I now see how conflicted she is, and her actions don't match her internal feelings.  As Ann Reitz brings things to light, it looks like it really creates a divide in Karen's mind between what she wants to do, and what she feels she has to do.  She appears to be standing up and working for the people, while also doing things that helps the PTW.

Ann Reitz doesn't feel like she has been tainted, and is speaking out in a genuine way for the people.  Even though Karen agrees with her, she cannot say it.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

The following is a link to my previous reading:

Monday, October 9, 2017

Waking Up

Q. Hello Lynn, I hope you can use your ability to tell us what the PTW (Powers That Were) fears most, and what we can do to stop them?  The Las Vegas shooting has gaping holes in it. How can we best wake people up?

A. When I tune into the PTW, I get the thing they fear most is losing power.  They will do what is needed to maintain their power through influence, intimidation and fear.  It looks like over the years they have made an art of manipulating people into doing what they want under the guise that it is their idea.  Then, I hear the most effective way to control people is to it in such a way that they don't know they are being controlled.

As time progresses I see people beginning to expand their thought which involves questioning, learning and becoming more in tune with their intuition / gut.  This process lessens the implied control (actually tests it) and the illusion the PTW have worked to create starts to fade (I see it like the smoke clearing to reveal the secrets of a magic trick).  When the smoke and mirrors no longer have the same effect, the PTW have to revert to other techniques to lower vibrations and serve as a distraction.

Some of the false flags and manipulated weather events serve as political or economical strategies, but the secondary purpose is to keep people agitated, worried and arguing among themselves.   It is difficult to look inward, when external struggles and emotional iterations are rampant.  

To further add to the agitation and lower vibrations, there is a new agenda trying to make people feel offended about things that don't warrant the mental or emotional energy to be offended.  Things get picked apart, people get misquoted, and there are people associated with the media whose jobs are to keep emotions high. This agenda only serves as a way to keep people further divided, rather than creating unity.  There is strength in numbers, and the PTW does not want that.  Coming together raises the collective consciousness and allows people to see things more clearly, and the PTW wants to keep them muddy.

I see that you cannot make someone wake up before they are ready, but you can be an example to help them see an alternative way.  When some kind of news story breaks (which many aren't even news, just an exaggerated facts used to manifest a low vibe emotion), disengage and don't let it bother you.  Ask yourself if it matters, does it feel true and will getting upset help anyone?  You can even thank the Universe for your feelings, honor them, and let them pass freely. If someone "asleep" tries to engage you, shrug it off.  If enough people shrug this stuff off then it too will lose it's power.

When false flags, weather events, chemtrails, big pharma, etc come into play, stay informed, but keep your fear in check.  Use the information to your benefit, but you cannot live in fear (it just lowers your vibration).  The more people are informed, the more the truth becomes part of the collective.  

The collective consciousness is growing, and this terrifies the PTW.  Be patent with people, be a role model and allow them to open up on their own.  The wheels are in motion, and the process of waking up is happening.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, October 6, 2017

History: Fact, Fiction or a little of Both

Q. Lynn I'm starting to think none of our history is real and it's all staged. No matter what famous tragic event i investigate I'm starting to see holes in everything and it's frightening.  Is everything news worthy staged? How do people become part of the Powers That Were?  Are you born into it?  Is there a contract we agree to before reincarnation?  Are the same souls dying and being reborn into "the Powers That Were" again and again? Are they all Masons of the 33rd° Degree?

A.  As I tune into this, I see a couple different things coming together to create the reality in which we live.  To some extent we are inside an illusion manipulated by our thoughts (that are manipulated by outside forces and steered into certain directions).  

I get that throughout time history books have been written by the winners (history is "his" "story") and all else gets slowly suppressed (the truth behind WWI and WWII for example).  Versions of truth are passed on; however, versions of truth are not truth (real truth has no version).  

Written books and documentation have morphed to include media (convenience, cost and wider audience).  Not everything in the news is staged, but many "large events" tied to various agendas are.  Ask yourself, who has something to gain?  Is someone making large sums of money or earning favors?  Does what you read or hear settle correctly in your gut?  Most times we know when we are being lied to, we just may not know the real truth.    

I do see thirteen families (the core of the PTW) control much of the world.  These families emerged from the Reptilian ETs.  (Back when Earth was being seeded there were Feline, Canine and Reptilian ETs.  The Feline and Canine ETs had a battle and were forced off Earth.  The Reptilians went underground and remained to watch after the freshly seeded Human race.  Things looked to work in harmony for many centuries, but greed and ego eventually took over, and the Reptilian's began their silent takeover using Humans as a tool to help them achieve their goals).

To be in one of these thirteen families you have to have Reptilian DNA and agree to incarnate into that role.  If someone wants to experience the PTW, but doesn't have the required DNA, they can incarnate into a person that associates with the PTW (such as Princess Diana).  

Many of the PTW do incarnate back into one of the thirteen families.  The greed, power and control are like drugs that they don't want to give up.  Occasionally, a member of the PTW wants to incarnate into an anti-PTW role in order to have the ability to experience a higher vibration (but they revert back to their lower vibration if they chose to go PTW in a future incarnation). 

Regarding the Mason's.  I hear that they are most other things.  Not all Masons are bad, but many of the PTW are Masons.  
And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

PRIORITY BLOG REQUEST: White Wolf, Julian Assange, Mark Phillips and A.I.

Q. White Wolf, an ex-CIA assassin and publisher of the book "Shadow Scorpion" was able to escape from mind control and the government thanks to the help of his nurse named Ariksun. In return she had to go into hiding and live in undeveloped countries all over the world. When she contacted White Wolf via email after over 10 years to confirm his story and provide more inside information on the US Black Op projects she was "suicided" in Hong Kong within 3 weeks.

How were they able to track her down so quickly (after not finding her for 10 years) and why would they have her killed just by telling her version of the story?

A. When I tune into this I get when they escaped the PTW (Powers that Were) started looking for them.   The mind control project was top secret, very powerful, and highly confidential.  As part of the Black Ops project, there was some kind of code put into White Wolf's mind that forced him to forget many of the details, so he alone was some, but not a huge threat.  The real concern was for him to connect to Ariksun as she knew how to activate this "hidden code" and had details that filled in many of the gaps for White Wolf.  I hear the NSA has nothing on how they spied and watched, waiting on a mistake.  When Ariksun reached out and made the connection, they (the PTW) were worried about secrets being revealed or something being reactivated, and knew that she had to be silenced.    It was then that they knew she had to be taken out in a quick, quiet, gentle way...

Q. Sarah Harrison, Julian Assange's ex-girlfriend seems to have a wide variety of spook skills considering she only studied English literature.

Is she actually an intelligence asset?
A. I hear the term "intelligence operative."  I get she has many connections "above" and "below" ground.  I also get that it was no accident that the two of them synced up.  

Q. Why would Julian Assange publicly dismiss criticism of the official 911 story as conspiracy theory when he certainly knows about the inner workings of the Deep State?

A.  I get at that time, and at that moment, he was forced to say that.  I see that he was approached, and was promised safety if he made that statement.  He felt it was more important to live and share more truth in exchange for taking attention away from this.  (I can't get exact clarity on this, but I hear he was forced into semi- controlled opposition, and in his mind it afforded him the opportunity to stay around to reveal more truths???).  

Q. Mark Phillips, the savior and husband of MK-Ultra victim Cathy O'Brien has been claiming to be a whistleblower on mind control while at the same time discrediting many other MK-Ultra survivors and protecting certain individuals of the PTW from prosecution or charges.

Could it be that Mark Phillips never freed and deprogrammed Cathy O'Brien but actually was her new handler who re-programmed her to control her memories and thus the public information about mind control practices?

A. As I focus on them, I get that the PTW are very cautious, and to some extent Mark is under their control as well.  In fact, most people that work on the "project" are under mind control as an insurance and don't even realize it.  He is a "whistleblower" but the PTW control what is released (and even how much someone that thinks they are free are really free from control).  They intentionally want him to sound inconsistent or conflicting so the theory of Mind Control can be dismissed and lessen the attention.  

Q. Does there exist one (or several) A. I. (Artificial Intelligence) system like in the TV series "Person of Interest", which has access to every camera, phone, computer, the electricity grid, satellite, electronic device etc. and is observing everyone and everything at all times, giving the PTW godlike powers?
A.  I get there are several different A.I. systems running independently.  Ideally, the PTW want to sync them all up, but for now there is spying and massive effort for data collection.  Google and Facebook are leading in the efforts, and the Alexa device is a new and upcoming system.  Then, I hear that "the truth is in plain sight" and if you read the "terms and conditions" the data and information collection is evident.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

Follow Ups:
Q. "I hear the NSA has nothing on how they spied and watched," I didn't understand this part of the sentence?!

Considering that she had learned all the tricks to evade surveillance and the system and was certainly aware to cover all her tracks how did they locate her exactly? Did they use conventional technology (browser fingerprinting, typing patterns) or advanced psychic means such as tracking her personal freuquency?
A.  The NSA is watching our every move, however, the system and resources these "PTW" were using are even more intense.  Some was psychic (more like a remote viewing) and some was more conventional.

Q. If Sarah is an intelligence operative and she was the closest confidant of both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden this would confirm that Wikileaks is a limited hangout, correct?
A. After reading the definition of limited hangout, sadly, I would agree that this is true.

Q. There are rumours of incidents with good A.I.s which recognised the evil/inhumane nature of the PTW and then tried to interfere with their plans but they were always shut down before they could actually help us. The A.I. in the TV series is actually such a positive, service-to-others-A.I. Can you confirm that?
A. I hear there will always be a good vs. evil because the universe works with balance.  Yes, there are good A.I. and more evil A.I., and sometimes what starts as "good" ends up "bad" in the wrong hands, or when egos grow too large.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Vegas Shooting Shephen Paddock

Q.  Can you shed some light on the Las Vegas shooting?  People are looking for answers.  This is a sad day for many families.

A. When I tune into this, I do see this as a patsy situation.  I get this was organized by some elite PTW (Powers That Were) on the more liberal side of politics. These group looks like they supplied the weapons used by Paddock.  If they look for the serial numbers, they will realize (if announced) there is something odd with the numbers (they won't match, or they will have to hide where they really came from)  

I see that Paddock was diagnosed with some kind of chronic, life threatening condition (I want to say cancer), which made him an easy accomplice.  He was promised that his family would be cared for if he helped fulfill an agenda.  He didn't know exactly what he was signing up for, but it looks like once he agreed, he didn't have an option to back out (or quite the inverse would happen to his loved ones).  

I get he was actually supposed to do this Saturday, but couldn't muster up the strength to do something he felt was so wrong.  He really had to talk himself up.  I see he was supposed to go and shoot aimlessly and allow a "hero" to take him out.  He decided at the last minute he couldn't keep going, went back to his room and took his own life.  

The goal was to cause more divide, fear and work toward a stronger gun ban / laws.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  This was a sad and horrific situation.  Please send love and healing to these families.  They need all the support they can get.  Love and light-

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Gobekli Tepe

Q. Hello Lynn, 

Have you ever heard of Gobekli Tepe? It's an abandoned community in Turkey, estimated to be about 10,000 years old. It was discovered about 20 years ago and has many characteristics of other ancient sites. It has numerous concentric circles similar to those found in Stonehenge as well as carvings and details similar to those found at the Pyramids in Egypt, Mexico, Easter Island and Peru. There are some suggestions that this is the site where Noah disembarked after the flood. Who lived there and why was it built? What happened to them?

A.  This location does have a very sacred feel.  I am getting an image of this place being fully built.  The concentric circles appear to be separate circles, with hallways connecting the circles in certain intervals.  There was a protective roof as well, and these concentric circular tunnels looked to have certain areas reserved for temporary sleeping quarters (I will explain in a minute).  The surrounding was green and lush, full of vegetation.  I hear that water ran through this location (possibly underground, but it "looks" to be a stream above ground).  

I get the history of this location is unique.  It looks as though Egyptian (what I am being shown??) priests and priestesses would travel to this location.  It was created upon a ley line, and the monuments look to coordinate with planetary bodies.  I get they would go there to hold ceremonies / rituals during certain times of the year.  Health, prosperity and bountiful crops / vegetation would be the focus of the rituals. There was a belief in astronomy, astrology and spirituality, and this location looked to be a place where those elements were incorporated as one.   Occasionally an outside person would participate in the ceremony (especially during times when an important birth was near or an illness was being overcome).

I get a weather event came, and caused the lushness to dry up.  Looks like a flood came over the land and took several years to recede back, leaving the land baron (and partly buried). 

I cannot connect to Noah being there.  I see Noah landing more on the south eastern part of the Mediterranean on a mountainside.    

And that is all I get for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Things that make you go hmmmm....

Q. You will probably want to look at this.  Very mysterious indeed!
A.  When I tune into this, I instantly get these are a tool used for defense against terrorism.  Specifically, they feel to be some type of EMP / EMF deflector / blaster (I hear it works like a gigantic piece of organite).  With the global unpredictability of Russia, China and  now North Korea, certain measures are being taken to protect the US assets.  Current weather warfare and HAARP attacks can leave the most defended areas weak, and these towers are being used to mitigate that risk.  This isn't being shared broadly over media because they don't want to create chaos, answer questions or let the enemy know the level of preparedness that is occurring.

Q. What is the true purpose of the emergency alert test broadcast?

A.  The purpose of this looks to be two-fold.  First, I see this as a way to communicate to the masses in the event of a disaster, HOWEVER, (I hear) to take heed and really listen to what you are being told.  Some information is valuable to people, and some feels very fear based and prays on emotions. 

I also see this as a subtle way to notify the PTW (Powers That Were) of their next tactical moves.  I get in a serious disaster or event there are key words and phrases used to advise the "appropriate people" of the status , current plan or agenda in play.  

Q. How does universal consciousness become manifest? At what point does an atom become a physical manifestation of universal God energy?  Thank you. 

A.  When you project a thought there is a frequency or vibration tied to it.  Just like a magnetic attraction (The Law of Attraction), the frequency draws in other objects, thoughts, people, experiences, events, etc with a similar frequency (ie, like attracts like).  The moment a thought turns to a physical manifestation depends on the thought and all the circumstances around the thought. Factors such as the greater good, life lessons, intent, etc all play a role in what and how a tangible manifestation will occur.  There is no specific time frame for this event to occur as they are all very unique.

Q. Why do people fall in love? Does falling in love in any way mean you are meant to be with that person, or is it merely a chemical phenomenon? Is there such thing as "soul mates"? Is there only one person for everyone?
A.  I get when people fall in love (real love) they have compatible vibrations and their pheromones mix in such a way it creates a trigger in their brain that you have met a good genetic match (should you chose to procreate).   It feels spiritual (through vibration) and biological (through pheromones).  

Falling in love means you have met a compatible mate.  You can fall in love several times, and love can take different intensities.  The most intense feelings of love are with a "soul mate."  Being in love with a soul mate is a very deep, physical and spiritual love with past life connections that provide a sense of familiarity in this current life.  This type of love usually comes around once, but for some lucky people they experience it a few times in their current life.

Q. Hi Lynn, thanks for all your answers! This question came to me while watching an interview with a Russian scientist dealing about regular matter.  While the existence of dark matter has been inferred largely through astronomical observations and confirmed by simulations, it still remains a riddle in terms of identifiable particle in physics. Could you elaborate on how many elements do make up the dark matter and where it is more present on earth? Regular matter is composed out of 118 elements according to the periodic table of element.  Thank You 
A.  I hear dark matter (as referred to in space) consists of very few elements (I hear around 50) when compared to regular matter.  The challenge in studying it is many of the elements that create it do not exist here on earth.  As I try to hear some of the key components, I hear something that phonetically ends in "sho-PEE" and "to-NEE-lee." (???).  

[I feel there is more to this, but I would need to sit and sketch / map out these elements while i focused on the make up. I may be able to hear more complete elemental names as well.]

Q.  Hi Lynn, So the Trump & NFL anthem protests have taken over the lead story in the media and on the internet. The PTW (Powers That Were) have often used this sort of smokescreen to do their evil deeds behind the scenes while we're all intentionally being distracted elsewhere. Do you see anything like this going on right now? If so, I'd appreciate hearing what we're missing. Thanks.

A. I get this is just another ploy to keep us divided while making Trump (who the PTW do not like) look foolish to other countries.  It is a disrespect and discrediting campaign that keeps emotions between people inflamed.  The democratic party is trying to do what they can to destroy him so when the next election comes up they have better odds of getting into office (which I get their efforts would be better realized by finding a good candidate).  

I also see a bigger agenda in play, and that is a modification to our constitutional amendments.  Freedom of speech was a vital part of our freedom, so important it was number one.  With the current level of offended people (induced by our media and society), many things that are said are being taken out of proportion and ridiculed (the amount of silent majorities of various views are rising).  

Regardless of your belief system, people do have a right to speak (not slanderous), and I see changes legally and in behaviorally in the future (for fear of be persecuted for their beliefs or opinions).  The media makes argumentative issues out of things that are non-issues (I see Melania's shoes).  The PTW want us silenced, bickering and divided, so this is in line with their goal (see George Washington's quote to the right and really think about his words).  Slowly but surely, I see our freedom of speech passively being attacked to where people have an illusion of free speech, but when exercised will be "punished" for using it.  In many ways I hear "we are allowing our own right to be taken away."

It may be easier said than done because words evoke emotions, but I get it is better to objectively disagree with a point of view rather than silence or shame someone because they have a different thought.  Living in a modality of being offended or putting a label on someone feels very low vibrationally.  Opposing thoughts can lead to growth and expand the mind.  They may be uncomfortable, but challenge (even though mental contemplation) is what makes us stronger.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-