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I have recently had some frustration expressed to me regarding the length of time it takes for some questions to be focused on.  I have over 100 great questions, and when I go to do a reading I scan them over and pick the one I feel connected to at that time.  I will always do free requests, it just may take a while for a specific question to get picked.  If you have something pressing and you would like me to set aside scheduled time to answer it, I am happy to take those requests as a Priority Blog Request.  They will be completed by your scheduled time and posted on the blog.  I will forward you a copy of the link to review, and will follow-up on any additional clarification or questions you may have.


Alex said...

There are claims that Buddha is of Sino-Tibetan race because he was born in Nepal but Indian nationalists insist he is of Indo-Aryan race related to the North Indians.

Here is a photo allegedly drawn by his disciple when Buddha was 41 years old. Was he Asian or Caucasian? Is the drawing real or fake?

Z said...

Hi Lynn,
Just discovered your page yesterday, its incredible. Can you do a reading on Aaron Josef Hernandez he was an American football tight end in the NFL for the New England Patriots, his career came to an abrupt end after his arrest for the murder of Odin Lloyd. He commited suicide on April 19,2017 in his cell.

My question is did he really committe suicide or was he killed? They found him with blood on his forehead with John 3:16 and an illuminati triangle drawn in blood as well on the cell wall. Did he also kill those people and why? He left 3 letters one for his wife one for his daughter they dont confirm who the third letter was for.

leena said...

Hi Lynn,
I have a question regarding this supplement. 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula. "The Ultimate in Immune System Support This product represents 4Life's highest level of immune system support." This product was recommended for a family member that had cancer.The reviews on amazon are amazing. I've taken it before, and I remembered I didn't get sick that year. Does this supplement really give what it says?

Jac JacJacqui said...

Hi Lynn!

Could you see why all of these whales have beached themselves??

Suz Nagel said...

Hi Lynn please provide your take on this most distressing subject. Over 400 unusual animal deaths are still occurring around London, there has been no let up over the 5 years since this started and no idea of who or what is doing it. It is known as operation Takahe and called the Croydon Cat Killer. When will this stop.

korablyov said...

Hi Lynn. A video surfaced recently showing a "lenticular cloud" above Russia's mountain ski resort of Krasnaya Polyana: / What is it? Besides this anomaly, is there some kind of supernatural feel tied to the area? There are dolmens, ancient burial sites in these mountains.

Yanine23 said...

Hello Lynn,

I recently came across a blog post that had somewhat of an impact on me. There is a homeless man stranded in Mexico who appears to not remember his name or where he is from. However, he is most likely American. Many locals have tried to get him to go to a nearby American embassy but he refuses (perhaps out of fear of strangers?). He asked a lady for her cellphone to call a relative but started crying when he realized he couldn't remember who his family are let alone the phone number. It would be amazing if you can look into this. Here is the link with an image of him and more details:

His loved ones are probably desperaly looking for this "john doe" and probably thinks he's dead.

Thank you lynn!

Dante said...

Hi Lynn,
Can you individually take a look at a list of 10 Earth-like planets and see if there is alien life (ranging from microbial to advanced humanoid alien or non-humanoid alien) on those planets? Also, which one out of the ten is the most suitable for humans to settle on in the future?

Here are is the list of the ten planets (and a bonus one):
1. Gliese 581d
2. HD 85512 b
3. Kepler-69c
4. Tau Ceti e
5. Gliese 667 Cf
6. Kepler-62f
7. Gliese 667 Cc
8. Kepler-62e
9. Gliese 581g
10. Kepler-22b
Bonus: Ross 128 b

Here is a YouTube video that talks about these Earth-like planets:

Thank you very much.

kris said...

Hello Lynn, would you please look into this world wide business (Aspire World Wide/Go Aspire) which ‘crashed’ a number of years ago.

Go Aspire Ltd, formerly Aspire Worldwide, had gone into insolvency only months after investors signed and paid for “franchise agreements”. Some of which had been purchased for hundreds of thousands of dollars. And which then .. were exchanged for shares in the company. Unbeknown but soon to be discovered was that the company was ’worthless’.

This Duo of two 'husbands and wives' from the UK has made off with an estimated $6 million from everyday Australian and English people after a worldwide “cashback shopping scheme" collapsed.

Attempts to contact the two husband-and-wife duos who were responsible (and who were the founders:) … have been unsuccessful!

Andrew Terence Hansen, 47, and wife Wendy May Hansen, 45. Philip Gordon Watts, 68, and wife Sally Anne Watts 52 …. Seemingly are nowhere to be found.

They have now been ‘in hiding’ for a number of years.

In a letter written by ‘Phillip Watts' Aspire members were informed that the company had ceased trading:
“It is with deep regret that I must inform you that the company has now ceased trading due to becoming insolvent”.

Everyone involved went into shock! Many people lost their life savings and/or gave up their jobs.
Everyone had worked very hard and attended seminars, webinars and this outcome was so unexpected.

Q: Was Aspire Worldwide/Go Aspire an organized scam from the beginning ? (If so they certainly went to a lot of trouble to convince people)!
Q: Considering the company was declared ‘insolvent’ – did they really go broke or did they do a runner?
Q: Did their ‘business knowledge’ let them down?
Q: Where in the world have they been hiding ? Did they leave England?
Q: Will they ever be found ? or give themselves up?
Q: Are they still alive ?
Q: Can you see (eventually) that there could be a ‘worldwide class action’?

(Some people re-mortgaged their homes, or sold their homes to purchase an affiliate in this business).
Thank you Lynn, best wishes Kris

serious one said...

Hello Lynn
Here are the links to two articles that I thought were very good when written. I thought they would also be accurate as far as timing the gold market, and the dollar collapse. Could you please look at them, and see what caused them to fail. I use the 7 year cycle, and it didn't work as it should have in 2015 either. I would like your insights on the 7 year cycle as well.
Thank You

korablyov said...

Hi Lynn,
AP just reported on a terrifying find: an ancient mass child sacrifice site in Northern Peru. More than 140 kids were slaughtered, probably as part of some ritual around 1400-1500 AD. What really happened there?

icqgirl - ice - said...

How effective is tideglusib for restoring human teeth from damage by cavities or external trauma?

Hulsie said...

Hi Lynn, was wondering if you could do a reading on Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan. Every time there is an election the electricity is cut off in Turkey. Is he or his team changing the election results during these times? I have never liked him and wonder how he can be in power for so long. Thanks!

Datta said...

Hi Lynn

Can you tell us about the authenticity of a woman youtuber Fleurbrun
Apparently she is an ETs contactee. Last March she claimed she experienced the Event and made interviews about it
Does she have an hidden agenda? Is she genuine?
Thank you.

serious one said...

Hello Lynn
Please look into this and tell us if it will be accurate. The 1988 economist magazine predicted the currencies would be on fire in 2018.

Diane Hamilton said...

I would love to know how the reptilians weren't jumping out of their human skins during Bishop Michael Curry's Royal Wedding Address. It was about all they detest. I would love you to take a look of how that was even allowed to happen. I noticed Camilla hiding her laughter under her hat. I hope that couple will help change the world.

Dante said...

Hi Lynn,

Can you take a look at certain members of the British royal family and see if they are Reptilian shapeshifters?

Is Prince Philip a Reptilian shapeshifter?

Is Prince Charles a Reptilian shapeshifter?

Is Prince William a Reptilian shapeshifter?

Is Prince Harry a Reptilian shapeshifter?

Is Kate Middleton a Reptilian shapeshifter?